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The Gotham City Sewers is a complex municipal water system that relies on a combination of tunnels, aqueducts, reservoirs and distribution pipes built underneath Gotham City to meet the daily needs of the city's residents and visitors.

One of the oldest of its kind in the country, the system is famed for possessing a near labyrinth of tunnels that hide numerous secrets from down the ages.

In-Game History[]

Batwoman has been captured by the Scarecrow. You must go in there, fight past many hallucinations and Scarecrow's minions, rescue Batwoman and arrest him.




Briefs and Investigations[]


During the encounter, when Batwoman is KO'ed in the Killer Croc or Terror Crow phases, she would be automatically revived with a small amount of health if you clear that wave of opponents. During the Hallucinatory Batfamily phase, if she is KO'ed, the opponents disappear and she must be manually revived to continue. During phases in which Scarecrow is directly fought, she cannot be revived, other than the final phase after which she is automatically revived.


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