The Goth Tights is a Legs style item based on the fishnet tights worn by Black Canary and Zatanna Zatara.

Fishnet hosiery is defined by an open, diamond shaped knit most often used as a material for stockings, tights or bodystockings.
A fashion statement that originated during the 1950's and gathering mainstream appeal throughout the 1960's/70's, when worn, the knit helps accentuate curves by applying a grid against the body that will follow the body's contours, accentuating muscular definition. Fishnet was most commonly worn as a means to decorate exposed skin.


The Goth Tights is only available as a purchasable style item from the Marketplace.


  • Both Zatanna and Black Canary are famed for wearing fishnets with their hero uniforms. So much so that the hosiery are considered part of their iconic images respectively.
  • When purchased from the Marketplace, the player will be presented with and be able to redeem both the Goth Leggings and the Goth Tights; the difference between which is that the former are enclosed tights (meaning the tights' "skin tone" can be altered) while the latter are sheer tights which exposes the character's leg skin tone.