Gorillas By The Sea is a mission unique to heroes that selected Superman as their Mentor at character creation. It begins in the Little Bohemia MPD, following the completion of the tutorial missions The Awakening and Save the World; Gorillas By The Sea takes place in the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, and is part of the Story Arc Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1.

Background Edit

Gorilla Grodd has attacked the Queensland Boardwalk, and his Gorilla Scouts are devolving Metropolis' citizens into his ape minions. The technology they are utilizing is new even to STAR Labs; Grodd's plans must be revealed if this invasion is to be halted.

Summary Edit

"We tried to stop Grodd's gorillas at the Queensland boardwalk, but they're using tech even STAR Labs hasn't seen before. See what you can about shutting them down." — Superman

Objectives Edit

Rewards Edit

Oracle: "Here's some background intel. Gorilla Grodd is a hyperintelligent ape who hates humanity. He believes apes, meaning himself, should rule. As if Brainiac weren't bad enough..."

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