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Employed by Gorilla Grodd either through fear, favour or mind control, Grodd's Gorilla Army is an amassing of Gorilla soldiers, usually from Gorilla City, who are loyal to Grodd's purposes of world domination for Gorilla-kind and the subjugation and domination of the human race.

The army is most noted for possessing alien technology, created or acquired by Grodd, that can turn humans into mindless gorillas.


Both heroes and villains must work together to quell the violence at Stryker's Island, instigated by Grodd.


The Gorilla Army is the main enemy of the first set of missions in the Meta Hero storyline. Here, Grodd has launched an assault on Little Bohemia, claiming territory and turning the local citizens into apes. Flash was sent to handle the issue, but has since gone missing. It is the heroes' job to push back the army, rescue Flash, and defeat Grodd.


Villains are assigned to help Grodd's forces immediately after their mid-game fight with their mentor's rival. Grodd, still licking his wounds from his initial attack, wants to assault S.T.A.R. Labs and take the technology they confiscated from him. The villains need to help him achieve this goal, devolving anybody who gets in their way - including Barry Allen and Jay Garrick.


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  • Gorilla Neural Array
  • Gorilla Teleporter
  • Gorilla Devolution Device