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Ghost in the Machine is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Otisburg district of the city of Gotham, near quest objectives for the story arc "OMAC Base". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.


The barely-coherent data traces left behind by the OMACs reveal pieces of the history and purpose of these grim machines. Data about these systems is valuable. Obtain it and return it to it's rightful owner -Batman- or pass it on for your own gain.


Title Description Location Image Map
OMAC Data Trace on Brother Eye Data 0728: The all-father in the sky, heart of the OMACs. A satellite with almost unlimited nanotechnological and communication capabilities. Three Blocks South of the Knightsdome Sporting Complex, on the NE corner of the building. Ghost in The Machine P1 Ghost in The Machine P1 Map
OMAC Data Trace on the Process Data 1179: OMACs are created using a direct injection of fast-acting nanochine solution. Around where Killer Frost is found, just South of the Knightsdome Sporting Complex. Ghost in The Machine P2 Ghost in The Machine P2 Map
OMAC Data Trace on Purpose Data 0825: OMAC directive 1: monitor and curtail metahuman activity. OMAC directive 2: Ensure continued existence of Brother Eye satellite. North of the Knightsdome Sporting Complex, on the SE corner of the block. Ghost in The Machine P3 Ghost in The Machine P3 Map
OMAC Data Trace on Maxwell Lord Data 1019: Lord, Maxwell. Ally and advocate for the OMAC project and Brother Eye. Deceased. Inside the Brother Eye base, east of where you met Fire. Ghost in The Machine P4 Ghost in The Machine P4 Map
OMAC Data Trace on Buddy Blank Data 1226: Blank, Buddy. One of the creators of the Brother Eye all-father. Former WayneTech employee and soldier.

OMAC Data Trace on Batman

Data 1024: Batman, the. Authorized creation of the Brother Eye project our of concern that he could not adequately control the meta-powered members of the super-heroes community. In the final room. On the left of Brother Eye.


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Batman or the Joker, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: Batman Subject: Closing the Eye
"This data you gathered serves to illuminate the depths of Brother Eye's malfunction. The satellite was intended as a last line of defense, a final bulwark against the possibility of metahuman domination. It was a mistake."
Attachment: Advanced OmniScry Legguards


float:left From: Joker Subject: Closing the Eye
"Hahahaha. Seeing Bats get his past rubbed in his face like this is hiiii-larious.Nice work gathering these OMAC chips. I'm sure we'll find a use for them!"
Attachment: Advanced OmniScry Legguards


Icon Waist 005 Green

This învestigation rewards the player with the Advanced OmniScry Legguards waist item (style: Jah Kir).