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The Gentleman Ghost is the spirit of a 19th Century gentleman thief named Jim Craddock. After being lynched by the gunslinger Nighthawk, Craddock was doomed to wander undead until his killer's spirit left the mortal plane, however, as Nighthawk's soul was locked in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, Craddock took to plaguing the world as a spiritual thief and adversary to Nighthawk's current incarnation; Hawkman.


James "Jim" Craddock, was the son of an English gentleman who abandoned both Jim and his mother, forcing them into poverty.

As a boy he worked as a pickpocket and with his stolen money he goes to the Gypsy Queen who lived by the Tyburn Gallows. While the gypsy prophesied that Craddock would die by hanging, only to return as a ghost, Craddock refused to believe her and grew up to become a notorious highwayman and robber who terrorized England in the 1800s.

Later emigrating to the United States to make his fortune, Craddock meets the gunslingers Nighthawk and Cinnamon and Nighthawk lynches Craddock after wrongly assuming that he sexually assaulted Cinnamon.
Due to the strange nature of his death and his executioners Craddock returned from the dead as a ghost; unable to rest until his executioner dies and his soul enters the afterlife. However, the problem is Nighthawk is the reincarnation of Khufu who is cursed to be resurrected along with his true love throughout time.

More than half a century later, now known as the Gentleman Ghost, Craddock makes his presence known to the public by beginning a crime spree that took him to all the great capitals of Europe, until he finally meets the current incarnation of his executioners; heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
Discovering their identities, Craddock quickly becomes a recurring nemesis for the heroes, sometimes appearing as a foe and sometimes as a friend.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Gentleman Ghost (Ruined Cathedral)
  • Gentleman Ghost (Bounty)
  • Gentleman Ghost (Ultimate Soldier)





  • Gentleman Ghost first appeared in Flash Comics #88 (October 1947).
  • As a ghost, Craddock can by touched and banished to the afterlife by any descendant of the Royal House of England. He is also unable to touch or be touched by virgins.


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