March 7, 2018


  • The maximum inventory stack size has been increased for the below items as follows:
    • All Soder Colas will now stack to 99.
    • All Focusing and Core Elements will now stack to 99.


  • The per-base Armory cap has been raised from 4 to 16.
    • This means players can now place 16 Armories in a single base.
    • The per-character Armory cap remains at 16, and the active Armory cap remains at 4.
  • The per-base Amenity cap has been raised from 6 to 10.





Controller DebuffsEdit

  • Controller defense debuffs from Controller abilities and elite affinity mods have been fixed to properly reduce the percentage of total defense rather than base defense.

NPC StatsEdit

  • Rebalanced NPC stats to account for artifacts. This will result in slightly easier NPCs at low levels, and more challenging NPCs at high levels. Pets have also had their health and damage increased slightly.


  • Resolved an issue where the Meta-Collections were not granting the reward once all sub collections were completed. Players should receive the outstanding award via in-game mail at login.