August 24, 2017

Game Update 74Edit

Game Update 74 features an upgrade to the skill point UI, adjustments to mid-tier content difficulty, and prepares the game for Water’s release on August 30.

Skill Point UIEdit

The skill point UI has been updated so that now it is much easier to spend multiple skill points at once. Head to the skill point screen, select where you would like to spend your skill points, enter the number, and confirm. It’s as easy as that.

Stats Revamp: ContentEdit

Content in tiers 4, 5, and 6 have received a tuning pass and adjustments to ease some of the difficulty reported in feedback. Additionally, NPC health and damage stats have been adjusted game-wide. Further content adjustments are planned for the future. Find the full details below.


Green Knight Gloves

  • Resolved the graphical issue that could occur when using a ranged attack.

Stats RevampEdit

Adjusted and tuned content in the following content:

NPC Stats

  • Adjusted (decreased) the health of most NPCs
  • Adjusted (decreased) the damage capabilities of most NPCs
    • Content below level 30 should stay roughly the same
    • Content in tiers 1-6 should become easier, with a significant change in group content and a moderate change in On Duty solo and duo content
    • Content in tiers 7-8 should become a little easier, with a gradual ramp up in difficulty such that Episodes 27 and 28 stay roughly the same
    • NPCs in Elite instances have had their damage moderately increased to provide a greater challenge for end-game players



  • The Vault will now drop scaling gear, with a maximum item level of 172.