April 26th, 2017

Improved Loadout Menu!Edit

The loadout menu has been improved for greater visibility and ease of selecting abilities.

  • Improved the ability library – the icons in the library are smaller, and packed more densely, allowing you to see more of them at a time.
  • Improved tooltip behavior – the ability tooltip will no longer display when hovering over an ability with the mouse, instead you must click on an ability with the mouse to see the tooltip. Additionally when you do hover over an ability with the mouse, you will see a name hint over the ability after a moment.
  • Improved communication of supercharge abilities.
  • You can now unload abilities from your tray.
    • PC: You can drag the ability off the tray with the mouse.
    • Xbox: You can now select the ability with the controller and press Y.
    • PSN: You can now select the ability with the controller and press Triangle.
  • There is no longer an arc menu where you pick your ability tray before the loadout screen.
    • PC: Now you can use the arrows next to the ability tray name to switch between ability trays.
    • Xbox: Now you can use LB or RB to switch between ability trays.
    • PSN: Now you can use L1 or R1 to switch between ability trays.
  • Abilities are now filtered properly based on the ability tray you are currently viewing. Previously there was a bug in which your abilities were being filtered based on what stance your character was in.
  • Bugs that allowed you to mouse over ability icons even though they had scrolled off the library pane have been fixed.

Starro EventEdit


Stats - Updated stat clamping parameters for CR 34. This reduces the stat gap between low and high CR players and should provide a more consistent experience for everyone while clamped.

Starro: Deluge ZoneEdit

Iconic and Radio Starfish miniboss are now less likely to reset.


Fixed the Scorecard showing the wrong loot when other players are in your group



Anoint - Added a Visual FX for Anoint to show on the players hands while the effect is active.


Density or Mass Density - The face skin will return to the previously default skin appearance once the Density ability is no longer active.

Chat SettingsEdit

Changes made to chat settings will now save and persist across game sessions (persist through logout).