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Gag Glove

A player using Gag Glove.

Gag Glove is an Iconic power that becomes available at Level 10. It is based on Joker.


Launch a hilarious lead-filled boxing glove at your enemies, damaging and knocking them down.

Power Interactions : Dazes enemies, making them vulnerable to dazing effects.


Cooldown: 3s
Power Cost: 200


Gag Glove can be used to setup Sonic Shout, Anti-Matter Bomb, Electron Flare, Fracture, Geiger Blast, Particle Beam, EMP Pulse, Gauss Grenade, Neural Neutralizer, Paralyzing Dart, Sticky Bomb, Suppressor Turret, Taser Pull, Thermite Mine, Vortex Cannon, Boxing, Fan, Grasping Hand, Hand Clap, Impact, Light Claws, Light Weight, Minigun, Ram, Snap Trap, Whip Thrash, Telekinetic Bolt, Telekinetic Pull or Telekinetic Push for additional damage.
The range of this attack is longer than the glove indicates, being able to hit targets almost twice as far.


  • Harley Quinn uses this move, but it doesn't deal damage.
  • Sometimes the glove would be shot straight up, but damage is still dealt.