The Gotham City Police Department 9th Precinct, also known as the East End Police Station, is a police station that serves to accommodate police officers of the Gotham City Police Department and other members of staff that are charged with overseeing the enforcement of law within the East End district of Gotham City. To this end, the station is built to contain offices and accommodation for personnel and vehicles, along with locker rooms, temporary holding cells and interview/interrogation rooms.
While the precinct is capable of independent operation, the precinct's officers and staff deal largely with traffic control, security and other such duties within the district while reporting larger crimes such as theft, arson and murder to the GCPD Headquarters, within which the GCPD's detective forces reside.

Following Brainiac's attack on the Old Gotham district and the bottling of the GCPD Headquarters, the GCPD set up a new headquarters at the East End precinct to regain their forces and re-establishing order within the besieged city.


  • The precinct serves as a Hero Safe House located in the East End district of Gotham City. It can be entered through either the JLA Watchtower's Tech Wing teleporter, or the front door in the East End district.
  • The East End Brainiac Incursion Zone is located one block East from the precinct, with GCPD forces establishing a blockade next to the precinct to halt the incursion forces.


  • Hero players who choose Batman as their mentor begin the game at this safe house.
  • The Phantom Stranger appears within the precinct during the Halloween event to recruit hero players in combating the demonic forces assailing the city's trick-or-treaters.


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  • As part of re-establishing their headquarters at the precinct, the GCPD has set up a temporary Bat-signal on the precinct's roof.
  • To discourage predator PvPing, each Safe House possesses two NPCs that performs massive knock backs to players that are of the opposing alignment (e.g. a Hero character will be knocked away from the entrance of the Club 539, as will a Villain character be knocked away from the entrance of the GCPD 12th Precinct). The NPC guards for the 9th Precinct are SCU Sentry Apple and SCU Sentry Budding.

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