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In an alternate timeline where the heroes and villains of the world have fallen to Brainiac, Lex Luthor's hatred for Superman has escalated to all out war between the heroes and villains of the DC universe. After eventually killing the man of steel with a kryptonite spear Luthor sees the incoming Brainiac forces. Forced to align himself with the remaining survivors, Lex Luthor somehow manages to steal some of Brainiac's powerful exobytes and together with the Future Batman and a hero named Fracture who was given his powers via the stolen exobytes. The three inside the Fortress of Solitude plan to take the exobytes back to the present and change these future events, however they are intercepted by Brainac's forces. Luthor informs Batman his armour is too badly damaged to fight off the Eradicators, so Batman fights them off while Fracture and Luthor go inside the portal. Although Fracture thanks Lex for giving him his powers, Lex responds by saying he was an excellent lab rat for his exobyte tests and kills Fracture by electrocuting him. He then picks up the exobytes and make his way towards the portal. However Batman informs him he will be after him and naturally Lex ignores his comment, before walking inside the portal. Lex authorizes an auto destruct in the Fortress of Solitude and walks through the portal only to be greeted by the Present Lex Luthor.




  • Future Lex Luthor is an ally during the final stage of the Family Reunion operation.

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