Future Batman is a version of Batman from an alternate future. An anomalous version of the current Batman, Future Batman is part of a temporal conflict from a future where the Earth's prominent heroes are dead and the planet has been assimilated by Brainiac.

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In an alternate timeline where the heroes and villains of the world have fallen to Brainiac, Batman has become a colder, cynical and brutal man; having survived while watching his friends and loved ones die around him. Following a final betrayal by Future Lex Luthor, who also survived the onslaught, Batman pursues the traitor across time to prevent the megalomaniac from destroying another timeline due to his ambition.

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  • During the DC Universe Online final Beta event, developer Jim Lee controlled Future Batman while leading the hero players against the villain players.
  • The Future Batman in the DC Universe Online Legends comic book series is not the Future Batman in the DC Universe Online game. The entire comic book storyline is actually an alternate version of the events that play out within the game and may have actually occurred before the in-game storyline as an alternate timeline that was reset at end of the series to what the players currently know.

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