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Fun for Girls and Boys is one of three level 30 daily missions in the Toyman's Time Out set that could be started at the terminals in the Monitor Womb of the Watchtower or in the Sabotage Chamber in the Hall of Doom.


Toyman's attempt to break into Stryker's is more than just fun and games. Restore power to Stryker's defenses and send Toyman's toys to the trash bin.


  • Intro message
  • Locate Stryker's Island North Prison Yard
  • Use the Carging Stations to keep the Power Core charged while transporting it to the top of the Penitentiary to restore power
  • Find and grab hold of the Power Cores that keep Stryker's generators running
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This is actually a movement skill course. You need to carry a power core into the finish by jumping and moving through an obstacle course built from NPCs and inanimate objects without ever touching any obstacle or being touched by it. If that happens you will drop your package, though you might have enough time to pick it up again at least once. You only have limited time between the checkpoints (charging stations). If you time out, you need to start all over. The arrow above your head always shows you in which direction to move.

Of the three missions in the set this one is by far the hardest.



Feat - They're Not Dolls



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