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Frozen Assets is a level 21 villain mission automatically started upon the completion of Beat the Heat.

Beat down Gotham's SCU attempting to sabotage Mister Freeze's snow machines outside of Mercy General Hospital in Gotham.

Watch out for Green Arrow and Black Canary!


  • Travel to Mister Freeze's Cold Zone and Access the Situation
  • Reactivate and Defend the Deep Freeze Machines (0/5)
  • Defeat SCU Sappers (0/15)
  • Prevent SCU Strike Teams from Breaching the Hospital (0/5)
  • Talk to the Freeze Agent
"So now you have clearance to go into the hospital and do... something... to Mister Freeze as he attempts to turn all of Gotham into a winter wonderland with OUR stolen diamonds. I wish the Joker'd let me in on this joke. Oh well, don't mind me, I just work here." — Calculator

Upon completion, Cold Contender is automatically started.

Freelance mission[]


  • A "Strike Team" is a trio consisting of a Specialist, a SCU Sapper and an Officer. Try not to engage more than one team at once.


  • Cash: 93
  • Selectable Weapon

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Advanced Rimebow Hunting Bow
Brawling Cryo-Active Fighting Gloves Machete Arms
Dual Pistol Iceburg Surplus Pistols Gadgeteer Pistol
Dual Wield Synthium-Plated Ice Picks Thanagarian Tomahawk
Hand Blaster Wintry Windblasters Firespray Gauntlets
Martial Arts Claws of the Bitter Winds Tri-blade Katar
One-Handed Specialized Rimeaxe Tech Axe
Rifle Northwind Sniper Rifle Adjustable Stock Sniper Rifle
Shield Polar Plate Lion's Roar
Staff Parbati Icestaff Tech Staff
Two-Handed Hoarfrost Hammer Hammer