Talk Screen - T.O. Morrow
"I think it's time for a deep freeze to descend upon Poison Ivy and her plants. Steal some sub-zero technology from Mister Freeze and use it on Poison Ivy's minions. You must be in disguise for this to work! Use the Frozen Disguise Imprinter I most generously supplied ... free of charge no less ... to create and maintain a holographic disguise based on one of Mister Freeze's goons. It'll be all for nothing if you look like yourself! They must think Freeze is behind it! And don't get cocky. That disguise won't fool any of Mister Freeze's actual henchmen!" — T.O. Morrow

Frostbitten is one of the daily missions for villains in the Divide and Conquer set. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Implicate Mister Freeze and his goons in an attack on Poison Ivy's allies. Steal sub-zero technology and use it on Poison Ivy's spore pods and plants.






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