"Hey, so, you should know that people everywhere can use your help. Usually you'll find them near crisis spots in the city. Here's one! See if you can lend a hand?" — Oracle
"So long as you're on the job, there are suckers -- ah, people all over the city who might reward you a little extra for a job well done. Let me show you one now. Take everything you can get, right?" — Calculator

Freelance Missions, sometimes known as side missions, are missions that are not normally assigned by iconic characters. They do not have introductory messages and are usually simpler than normal missions.

Freelance missions do grant XP on completion and should be taken on before starting with the main mission. Often they can be done pretty easily along the way of the main mission.


  • If you are levelling up and you are unsure whether your current mission has a freelance mission, patrol through/over the red target area and search for a sign mark. If you find one, this would be the mission giver.