Wally West does not appear in DC Universe Online but there are screenshots of him running around.


The young nephew of Barry Allen and Iris West Allen, Wally West was visiting his uncle's laboratory when a bolt of lightning shattered a rack of chemicals in the room. The chemicals spilled on the boy and duplicated the same accident that gave Barry Allen his powers.
Becoming the first Kid Flash, after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths when Barry Allen gave his life to stop the Anti-Monitor's space cannon, Wally assumed the mantle of the Flash. Despite Wally being the slowest Flash, only running at the speed of sound, he eventually came to grips with his fear of replacing Barry Allen and removed the mental block he had placed on himself, thus becoming the fastest Flash ever.
Leading a notable superhero career, Wally eventually fell in love and married his girlfriend, television reporter, Linda Park and they had two children Jai West and Iris West II, both of whom inherited their fathers powers.


  • While yet to appear in-game, Wally West appears in the original promotional material for DC Universe Online and appears in DC Universe Online: Legends #0 as a member of the Justice League responding to Brainiac's attack.


  • Flash (Wally West) first appeared in The Flash #110 (January 1960)
  • Initially, the Flash for DC Universe Online was to be Wally West but developers later changed the Flash to instead be Barry Allen. In spite of this,
  • While similar in design, the difference between the suits of Wally West and Barry Allen are the lightning bolt "belts" on the suits' waists'; Wally's belt separates into lightning bolt points at the front while Barry's continues unbroken.
  • According to Wally, The Flash, in comparison to the likes of Superman (who "soars above everyone"), Batman (who "hides from everyone"), and Wonder Woman (who "preaches to everyone"), is considered to be the kind of hero who "runs alongside everyone".
  • Wally's earpieces are radios originally used to enable the Flash to hear what people are saying even while running at super speed. His own earpieces are also tuned to emergency and police frequencies.
  • Once entering the Speed Force, individuals run the risk of becoming one with the energy and need a "lightning rod" to ground themselves with their original realities in order to return. For the Flashes, their loved ones are their "lightning rods" and Wally's love for Linda Park enabled him to become the first speedster to enter the Speed Force and successfully return unscathed.


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