Rescue civilians and shut down the Atlantean teleportation tidepools.


"The Atlanteans are teleporting in via magical tidepools further into Suicide Slums. Shut down their reinforcements and restore their kidnapped victims before the tide takes them all!" — Wonder Woman
  • Rescue Waterlogged Civilians (0/15)
  • Sabotage Teleport Tidepool Cancer
  • Sabotage Teleport Tidepool Scorpio
  • Sabotage Teleport Tidepool Pisces
Rescuing waterlogged civilian

A player freeing a civilian.

"I can't get in touch with Aquaman at all. He's the king of Atlantis, he must be able to stop this! Sure, he and Queen Mera lead a race of proud Atlanteans, but invading Metropolis seems a bit drastic." — Oracle
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