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  • One of the many features in DC Universe Online is the Feats section. Feats are self-contained challenges that award points upon completion.
Challenge Dynamo

DC Universe Online feats contain challenges covering every aspect of gameplay, including Exploration, Alerts, Raids and PvP. More feats will be added as new content becomes available in game, so additional feats can be expected on a regular basis.

Feats Menu[]

The feats menu can be accessed by pressing the escape key, then clicking on the trophy icon at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a list of options, the first option is feats.

Feats Menu

The feats menu is split into 3 sections: Categories, Recent Accomplishments and Progress Overview.

  • Categories section shows a list of subcategories for feats e.g. Exploration, Alerts, Solo Content and PVP.
  • Recent Accomplishments section shows the last 3 feats you completed.
  • Progress Overview section shows the total number of feats available in each subcategory and how many you have completed.
Feat providing a Title

Feats which grant titles are denoted by a yellow ribbon in the feats menu.

Categories of Feats[]

Feats come under a number of different categories. Some are simple and require very little effort to complete, whereas others involve a large amount of time and effort .

The list of categories and subcategories are as follows:


For every 100 points achieved the player will receive an additional skill point for their character. Completing feats will allow you to gain new skill points beyond what you can achieve through leveling alone.

The number of points awarded for completing each feat varies based on difficulty, easy feats award 10 points whereas the most difficult/time consuming award 50 points.

Difficulty Rating/Points Awarded[]

Each feat has a star rating, which reflects the difficulty of accomplishing that feat. The star rating also indicates how many points you receive upon completion.

Star Rating Difficulty Points Awarded
1 Star Easy 10 Points
2 Stars Medium 25 Points
3 Stars Hard 50 Points

Manual Feats Unlock[]

Manual feats unlock

Since game update 34 feats the player has achieved with another character can be unlocked with replay badges.

Unlockable feats will have a small green button in the overviews of the feat menu.

Feats can only be unlocked if they are shared between characters. E.g. an acrobat cannot unlock super-speed related feats and vice versa.

Feat Level Replay Badges Cost Skill Point Cost
10 Points 1 10 Replay Badges
25 Points 3 12 Replay Badges
50 Points 5 10 Replay Badges


1 skill point is achieved every 100 feat points, thus you need to spend 100-120 replay badges to level up a character 10 skill points and 1000-1200 replay badges to level up a character 100 skill points .

Its not necessary to use replay badges, instead they are a way to speed up skill point progression by effectively buying feats that you've already obtained on another character. However, those feats you could buy with replay badges are still obtainable as normal. Some new players might assume that you must unlock the feats obtained with another character before you can obtain them on another, this is a misconception brought about by the term "unlock". Unlocking merely grants you the feat without going about the normal means of obtaining it.

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