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Offering 25 points, this General Feat involves the player encountering all 5 preoccupied iconic villains (if they are Heroes), or all 6 preoccupied iconic heroes (if they are Villains).

Each iconic appears in various select locations in Metropolis or Gotham City, however they will not always be present at that location. It is the player's task to hunt down each iconic and approach close enough for them to start talking. After which they will leave the location and the player should move on to find another iconic.




Image Description Map
SightingSuperman1 On the roof north-west of the Daily Planet, overlooking the building in Downtown. SightingSuperman1Loc
SightingSuperman2 On the roof, two blocks east and overlooking S.T.A.R. Labs in the Tomorrow District. SightingSuperman2Loc
SightingSuperman3 On the roof of the Ace o' Clubs in Suicide Slums SightingSuperman3Loc


Image Description Map
SightingSteel1 Within Steelworks overlooking the complex between two southern-most smokestacks in Suicide Slums. SightingSteel1Loc
SightingSteel2 On the roof, four blocks west of Steelworks, overlooking Chinatown in Suicide Slums. SightingSteel2Loc
SightingSteel3 On the catwalk within Steelworks looking north three blocks south of the Brainiac Incursion Zone in Suicide Slums. SightingSteel3Loc

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)Edit

Image Description Map
SightingHalJordan2 On the street, two blocks north-west of the Daily Planet in Downtown. SightingHalJordan1Loc
SightingHalJordan1 On the street, south-west of the Daily Planet in Downtown.


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On the roof, north of the Galaxy Communications building in the Tomorrow District.


Image Description Map
SightingMetallo1 On the eastern-most pier of the Science Spire in the Tomorrow District. SightingMetallo1Loc
SightingMetallo2 On the street, south-east of the Daily Planet in Downtown. SightingMetallo2Loc


Image Description Map
SightingDeathstroke1 On a ledge of a building one block west and overlooking S.T.A.R. Labs in the Tomorrow District. SightingDeathstroke1Loc
SightingDeathstroke2 On the roof of a Furniture building north-west of the Metropolis Shipyards in Suicide Slums. SightingDeathstroke2Loc
Deathstroke Midtown Location
On the roof of a skywalk connecting two buildings two blocks north of MPD 7th Precinct in Midtown.
Deathstroke Location Midtown

Monsieur Mallah and The BrainEdit

Image Description Map
SightingMallahandBrain1 West of S.T.A.R. Labs overlooking the channel in the Tomorrow District. SightingMallahandBrain1Loc
Image Description Map
Mallah loc3

One block west of Cain st. mall and just south of the highway at ground level

Mallah map loc3

Gotham CityEdit


Image Description Map
SightingBatman1 North of the Bowery in the East End on the roof of the building with four gargoyles. SightingBatman1Loc
SightingBatman2 On the roof of the WGTU Radio Building in Burnley. SightingBatman2Loc
SightingBatman3 On the top-most roof of the R.H. Kane Building on the north-west roof corner in the Diamond District. SightingBatman3Loc
SightingBatman4 On the roof of the STAGG Building in Otisburg. SightingBatman4Loc
SightingBatman5 On the roof of the building north-east of the Monarch Playing Card Company and south-east of the Gotham Light and Power building in Otisburg. SightingBatman5Loc


Image Description Map
SightingNightwing1 On the street, five blocks east of the GCPD 12th Precinct in Otisburg between The Gallery and a building under construction (looks like a parking garage). SightingNightwing1Loc
SightingNightwing2 On the street across from the Giordano Botanical Gardens, where Solomon Grundy wanders, in Burnley. SightingNightwing2Loc

Robin (Timothy Drake)Edit

Image Description Map
SightingRobin1 On the roof overlooking a construction site north and three blocks west of Amusement Mile in Otisburg. SightingRobin1Loc
SightingRobin2 On the roof, overlooking the entrance to the Sewers where Scarecrow resides in East End. SightingRobin2Loc
On the ledge just below roof level of the building that faces the Pub in the zone where you fight Clayface, directly across from the Pub sign (Von Gruenwald Tower.?)(Needs more info for those who haven't fought Clayface and have no clue where "the zone where you fight clayface" is, in otherwords villains)

Harley QuinnEdit

Image Description Map
SightingHarleyQuinn On the first story roof north-west of Amusement Mile overlooking the car park in Otisburg. SightingHarley1Loc
SightingHarley2 On a bridge tower overlooking Ace Chemicals in Otisburg. SightingHarley2Loc

Killer CrocEdit

Image Description Map
SightingKillerCroc On the street, one block south-east of Ace Chemicals in Otisburg. SightingKillerCroc1Loc
SightingKillerCrocIconic2 Noth west corner of a building east of Knightsdome Sporting Complex SightingKillerCrocIconic2Loc
Killer Croc
Crouching on the sidewalk at the northeast corner of the building directly to the west of the entrance to Gotham City Sewers.
Killer Croc 2

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