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Replenish the Yellow Fear Charger created by the Sinestro Corps to create and gather fear in downtown Metropolis.

Watch out for Power Girl!


"This is Lex Luthor. Building your relationship with the Sinestro Corps, I see. Fear can be quite useful, especially if it undermines the efforts of so-called heroes in my city. To that end, I've arranged a little... roadblock for STAR Labs transports carrying experimental explosives. Help yourself. I think using it on cars, stands, and other objects should spread fear quite adequately." — Lex Luthor
  • Steal Explosives from STAR Labs Truck
  • Cause Fear in Metropolis Populace by Planting and Detonating Explosives (0/15)
  • Terrorize the Science Police (0/15)
  • Drain Yellow Fear from the Terrified Citizens (0/10)
"You got to use a ring construct-made thingamabob? The Sinestro Corps must be desperate to give a non-member something like that. And... Interesting... I'm not seeing Sinestro's energy charge anywhere on my scans. Something's up." — Calculator