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Get to Gotham University to defeat Faust's invasion and return souls to the living.


"Wonder Woman here. My greetings. The foul necromancer Felix Fausr is targeting innocents to steal their souls and power a ritual to bring Black Adam's wife, Isis, back from the grave. No good can come of this. We must save there people and stop Faust." — Wonder Woman
  • Head to Gotham University Campus
  • Release Souls from Soul Wells (0/10)
  • Defeat Faust's Magnet Thralls (0/10)
  • Defeat Faust's Soulless Victims (0/20)
"Faust is obsessed with gaining the Flame of Life. There is no way he's resurrecting Isis out of the good of his heart; he doesn't have one. He's up to something." — Oracle

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Bow of the Desert Sands Tree Branch Bow
Brawling Sandstorm Knuckles Magical Claws
Dual Pistol Desertwalker's Pistols Energy Blaster
Dual Wield Phoenix Axes Energy Axe
Hand Blaster Mineblaster's Gloves Tempest Gauntlets
Martial Arts Claws of the Desert Winds Hand Blades
One-Handed Skartaris Longsword Barbarian Tech Sword
Rifle Nomad's Revenge Military Shotgun
Shield Nomad's Guard Heater Shield
Staff Desert Witchstaff Avian Staff
Two-Handed Ritualist Axe Egyptian Magic Axe