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Fateful Demise is the beginner mission for Magic villains, starting automatically upon completion of the tutorial, The Awakening. It begins in the Sheeda's Den, following the completion of the tutorial missions. Fateful Demise takes place in the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis and is part of the Sins of the Father story arc.


Following the increase of magical forces both benign and malevolent, the Department of Metahuman Affairs announces that the Sentinels of Magic, led by master sorcerer Doctor Fate, will be combating villainous magic in Metropolis and beyond.


Intro 1[]

"I am the Goddess Circe, and I am impressed. Not all of Brainiac's targets are strong enough to escape him. Turn your magic to my cause, and we will rule this planet with our power! The first step is destroying the strongholds Doctor Fate and his Sentinels of Magic have made in Chinatown. Show them they cannot stand against our might!" — Circe

Objective 1[]

Go to Chinatown in Metropolis.

Intro 2[]

"This area was built over powerful occult magics, which can tip either toward good... or evil. Doctor Fate has created a purifying ward in the hopes of trapping the demon lord Trigon in his dimension. His Sentinels of Magic think their pitiful enchantments can stop us. show them they are sadly mistaken." — Circe

Objective 2[]

Punish Apprentices before they can cast protective wards (0/7).


The mission zone is near the Shen Li Po Gardens.


  • Sentinels of Magic


Upon completion, Rare Blood is automatically started.



  • Cash: $38
  • Covenant Cincture
  • 1917 xp upon completion (level 4)


  • Initially, the players had to speak with Brother Blood to start this mission.