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Equipment is a term used to describe any and all items that can be equipped or used by Player Character while playing DC Universe Online.


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Items are miscellaneous objects that Player Characters can carry with them for varying purposes such as monetary gain, combat assistance, collection or decoration.

Other types of Items include:


Main article: Weapons

Weapons can be equipped by Player Characters to increase their combat strength.
A character's combat abilities and effectiveness in battle are defined by what weapon they use; some weapons specialize in ranged attacks, some in melee, and some dabble in both. In addition, while a Player Character is effectively free to choose to utilize any, and potentially all, weapon types, some weapons are suited better to some Combat Roles than others.

Types of Weapons include:

+ available to members with an active subscription, non-members may purchase access in the Marketplace for either 500 Station Cash or 500 Marketplace Cash


Main article: Costumes

Costumes provide additional points to the Player Character's statistics to make them more effective in combat.
Costumes can be divided based on Stylistic Appearance and/or Roles; a player's Role can determine whether or not they can use a certain Costume piece. Furthermore, a Player Character's Experience Level dictates whether a character is worthy of wearing/using a certain piece of Costume.

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Main article: Vehicles

Vehicles are used by characters to quickly travel through large and open maps. Currently there are no vehicles available for Player Characters, however, various Non-Player Characters use vehicles to their own ends.