Episode 20 is Tier 7 playable content that contains the Blackest Night 8-Man Operation and the Wastelands Wonderland Duo.

Episode 20: Blackest Night and Wastelands Wonderland was released on January 6th, 2016 for members, and January 13th, 2016 for non-members. Access to Episode 20 is available to members with an active subscription. Non-members may purchase the Episode in the Marketplace for $4.


Blackest NightEdit

The Blackest Night falls from the skies, The darkness grows as all light dies, We crave your hearts and your demise, By my black hand, the dead shall rise!

Nekron has come. He has joined his herald, Black Hand, in extinguishing all light – all life – in the universe. The Metropolis Battlefield was ripe with the lingering death from the War of the Light, allowing Nekron to raise an enormous Black Lantern in the middle of the city. The area around the Lantern is scorched earth, scarred by the Corruption brought by the Black. You must fight alongside the Lantern Corps and send Nekron back to the Land of the Unliving in the Blackest Night.

And so ends the War of the Light saga.

In this Operation, a Black Lantern has erupted from the blood-soaked streets of war-torn Metropolis and Nekron has risen from this deathly soil. The embodiment of death is no easy foe to defeat and Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and the rest of the champions have been unable to even make a scratch. But don’t worry, the Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris, has a plan. Will you aid her in stopping Nekron and the Black Lanterns from snuffing out all life in the universe?

Wastelands WonderlandEdit

The Gotham Wastelands is full of mayhem and madness. Imps and demons run amuck in the fiery wasteland, allowing Jacob and Jack to seductively and slowly (respectively) make their moves. Raven, annoyed as ever by her brothers, has asked for your help in putting them back in their places.









Briefings and InvestigationsEdit



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