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KO - Elite Raid

Elite Raids are versions of raids with significantly harder to beat enemies and better rewards. They may also feature additional mechanics not present in the regular versions.

Apart from harder enemies player characters may merely be KO'd once per boss fight in elite content. On the second KO reviving will not be possible and the player character will be out for that stage of the raid or until the raid finishes if it happens in the final fight.

List of Raids and Operations with Elite Versions[]

Tier 6[]

Tier 7[]

Tier 8[]

Tier 9[]

Tier 10[]


  • Up to Darkseid's War Factory the elite raids provide episode-specific elite gear drops. With the advent of Amazon Fury Part III this gear was put onto the episode vendors, requiring players to complete Elite Raids to earn Renown for the episode-specific faction to unlock for purchase.
  • Most Elite Raids have the same requirements to enter in terms of combat rating as the regular versions, an exception is the Amazon Fury Part III episode, where the elite raids (for Olympus and God of Monsters) have a higher requirement. Afterwards, newer episodes went back to having the same CR requirements for both.
  • Originally to be eligible to enter an elite version of a raid, player characters must previously have had successfully finished the regular version. This would earn them a Progress Point for the elite version, which would last for a fixed cycle of two weeks. Thus the elite version could be done in the week after the regular version without the need to reset the content with Replay Badges. This was changed with game update 79 when progress points for elite content were removed from the game. Players now can choose between regular and elite content at their liking.
  • Prison Break and Metal Pt. I: Monsters of Metal have the only Elite Raids that are listed above their normal raids.

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