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The East End Regal Hotel is a luxury hotel located in Gotham City's East End district.

In-Game History[]

As the hotel hosts the Police Ball in celebration for the opening of the new GCPD Special Crimes Unit building, the Joker has a New Villain lead his gang into crashing the ball and takes the guests hostage.
Batman sends a New Hero ahead to disrupt the villains and free the hostages before going after the Joker himself. However, while the hostages are freed, including Police Commissioner Gordon, neither the Joker or Batman are captured at the incident's conclusion.






  • For hero players, if you manage to get Batman KO'ed at the fight against the Joker, he would disappear and the battle would play out the same despite his absence (minus his voice lines and a glitched introductory cutscene when Gordon is revealed). If Gordon is KO'ed however, the boss fight would completely reset, and Joker would become non-interactive; you would have the leave the room and return for the fight to properly start again.