ESDF Key Options

A large percentage of the online gaming community will use the WASD movement style as their standard settings, simply because this is the default. It allows for easy access to the number keys and to the shift, control, and alt keys to allow for extra keybinding options.

With DC Universe Online having such a limited number of commands, there is the option to use the alternate method, which is ESDF. ESDF allows for easy access to a large number of keys that can be hit very quickly, while using the original finger spacing of keyboards.

The greatest benefit to this style is the ability to free up several keys and make the game flow much smoother. It also breaks up the need for a player to move their hands from the mouse and create quick movements with the left hand, while the right hand remains on the mouse to perform interactions and quick commands, allowing the keyboard the ability to use ranged and melee attacks.

Standard ESDF Keybind TechniqueEdit

E Move Forward
D Move Backwards
S Strafe Left
F Strafe Right
W Ranged Attack
R Melee Attack
Q Activate Power 1
A Activate Power 2
Z Activate Power 3
T Activate Power 4
G Activate Power 5
V Activate Power 6
Y Activate Power 7
H Activate Power 8
C Activate Travel Power
X Collect Near Items
Mouse Left Interact with Object
Mouse Right Block
Middle Mouse Run Mode

This basic setup allows for quick movement and very fast blocking motions that will let the player have an extremely competitive edge on the playing field. This new style may take several days to weeks to master, but once it is mastered, your damage, defense, and average DPS and survivability will show a dramatic improvement that you will see almost immediately.

Another simple benefit to this style is that you are already in the typing mode for your hands, so if you are saying something and an emergency happens, you simply move to your mouse and begin fighting right away without having to relocate your hands due to the little tab that is generally found on the F key.

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