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Dr. Arkham's Observation Journal is a collection of Investigations that can be found within Arkham Asylum. There are 8 parts that comprise this set.


Gotham City has long since come to terms with the grim spectre of Arkham Island. Perched on the water like a contemplative gargoyle, this aging structure is the city's only barrier against pure insanity. The only person to truly understand the misanthropes and mad men that inhabit Arkham Asylum is it's head clinic: Dr. Jeremiah Arkham. Arkham's observation journal would be priceless in the right hands.


Part 1: Observations on Harvey Dent[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: Behind the reception counter at the entrance
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Harvey Dent: Classic split personality. A coin with two scratched faces is my next planned experiment."

Part 2: Observations on Edward Nigma[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: By the desk in the experimental procedure room
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Edward Nygma: Obsessive-compulsive riddle solving. Have had several books of unsolvable puzzles printed up to push the depths of his mania."

Part 3: Observations on Jervis Tetch[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: In the room after the Therapy Fulfilment Center
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Jervis Tetch: Intense fixation on a fictional reality allows him the luxury of an internal retreat from reality. Attempting to 'ground' patient by locking him in with the prisoners from Block A."

Part 4: Observations on Dr. Johnathan Crane[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: Amadeus Memorial Theater
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Doctor Jonathan Crane: Intense intellect and psychiatric training makes him an extremely troublesome patient. Have begun severe fear-reaction based therapies based on Crane's own notes."

Part 5: Observations on Dr. Harleen Quinzel[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: Arkham Cell Block 6 behind a boiler (There are signs on the pillars)
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Doctor Harleen Quinzel: Personality fixation complex makes her difficult to approach. Trying to force patient Pamela Isley to adjust her fixational matrix, but it's slow going."

Part 6: Observations on Victor Fries[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: The Boiler Room where Mister Freeze is encountered
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Victor Fries: Intense issues with loss and maladjustment are the core causes for his condition. Manipulating patient with intense couples therapy counseling using his wife as a catalyst."

Part 7: Observations on Pamela Isley[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: Southwest corner of the Courtyard of Serenity
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - Pamela Isley: Doctor Isley's biochemistry mandates therapy via glass wall and comm system. Attempting soil chemical tweaks within her cell to forcibly control mood."

Part 8: Observations on "The Joker"[]

  • Zone: Gotham City
  • Instance: Arkham Asylum (Alert)
  • Location: Hall of Records North End above the the wall in between lockers
  • Investigation: Dr. Arkham: "Patient - "The Joker": A most intense and challenging patient. I've restricted access again after the most recent deaths."


 Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Batman or [[]], accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: Batman Subject: Scraping the Skin
"Arkham Asylum is a laughably thin membrane keeping the madness away from the city's streets. You've gathered Arkham's notes, exposing more of his sickness. Diseased minds like his are why I will never rest in keeping Gotham safe."
Attachment: Frosted Cryosuit Tank



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This Investigation rewards players with the Frosted Cryosuit Tank back item.


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