Doomsday is a genetically-manipulated creature bred by the alien scientist Bertron to create the perfect living being. His sole reason for existence: to extinguish all other life. Hugely strong and agile, Doomsday is covered with vicious bony spurs that can rend even Superman's skin. His endurance makes him almost impossible to kill, and he is constantly evolving between, and sometimes during, battles.

No opponent has ever defeated him the same way twice. This makes him a valuable weapon for anyone who can discover how to manipulate his rampages of mayhem and destruction.


Created millennia ago by the alien scientist Bertron on Krypton to be the perfect warrior, Doomsday killed its creator and enacted a killing spree across the universe until it was stopped by The Radiant, a being of pure energy, on the planet Calaton. The creature was then encased in near-indestructible Calatonian bonds, and, because it was deemed too dangerous to be buried on the planet itself, it was shot into space. Eventually it collided with Earth, driving the creature deep inside the planet where its solar-powered regenerative abilities were slowed down considerably.

Doomsday would eventually escape this prison and literally single-handedly defeat the majority of the Justice League (for most of the fight, his right arm was still bound to his back), before confronting Superman in a battle that resulted in the temporary death of both the creature and the Man of Steel.

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  • Doomsday first appeared in Superman: The Man of Steel #17 (November 1992)
  • Doomsday is voiced by Benjamin Jansen.
  • During the Smallville alert, players will be turned into Doomsday clones to confront Doctor Richards.
  • During the Beta event, players could be involved in an instance where Doomsday is running rampant within S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • Doomsday is one of only two characters to ever break Superman's bones, the other being General Zod.


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