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Dominance increases the potency of certain defensive and healing abilities.
At high levels, Dominance must be higher than enemy Willpower to be effective.

Dominance is an important stat for Tanks and Controllers.
The recommended Dominance for an Alert, Raid or Operation is needed to affect opponents in that content when using power based control effects.

Dominance is combined with Restoration to determine the potency of healing and shield abilities.

Healing = Base Healing Multiplier * (30% Restoration + 25% Dominance).
Shield = Base Shield Multiplier * (112.5% Restoration + 150% Dominance)

Dominance increases the maximum possible duration of stuns, roots, levitations and encasements deployed from super powers at a rate of +1 second for every 500 Dominance (2 milliseconds per 1 point of Dominance). [1]

Dominance can be increased using Artifacts, Augments, Generator Mods and spending Stat Points in Dominance. It can also temporarily be increased through the use of consumables such as Bulldozer Soders or Compound Omega.

Atomic Molecular Charges heal equal to 40% Dominance in Tank Role.
Earth gains Defense equal to 65% of Dominance in Tank Role.
Rage gains Health equal to a percentage of Dominance in Tank Role.

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