Talk Screen - T.O. Morrow
"The followers of Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Mister Freeze are gathering in the courtyard. See if you can push some of them over the edge and provoke a few fights between them." — T.O. Morrow

Deliberate Acts of Violence is one of the daily missions for villains in the Divide and Conquer set. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Paranoia is spreading across Arkham Island, and this time it's not fear toxin. The followers of Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze, and Scarecrow are on the edge from the latest acts of sabotage. See if you can provoke a few fights between them.


  • Intro Message
  • Use any of the Disguise Imprinters by the staging area on Arkham Island to gain a minion disguise
  • Persuade Poison Ivy minions, Scarecrow henchmen, and Mister Freeze goons to fight one another at the Front Gate
  • If your disguise ends early or if you want a different disguise, return to the staging area on Arkham Island and use a Disguise Imprinter to gain a new disguise
  • While disguised as a member of their crew, convince a fellow member to start a fight
  • Find and defeat the Arkham Recon Officer hidden near the Front Gate
  • Return to the Envirotech Docks on Arkham Island and speak to Morrowbot U14





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