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The Defender's Compartment Trinket is a signet ring with a compartment that contains a low friction bodysuit embued with the Speed Force. The bodysuit temporarily boosts the powers of the user.

This trinket temporarily changes the player's appearance and increases their Health stats by 845, and their Dominance stats by 192, for 20 seconds.

It can only be obtained in the Lightning Strikes episode and used by Player Characters who posses the Tank role.

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  • The chest emblem on the suit changes depending on which Role the Player Character is in at the time.
  • This trinket is based on the Flash's Costume Ring; a small ring with a spring-loaded compartment that Barry Allen uses to conceal his costume while a civilian. By thumbing a small stud on the side, the top of the ring opens and releases the costume, allowing Barry to change clothes when entering super-speed.
  • Wally West also uses one of these rings.
  • Bart Allen has two rings, one is a replica of Barry's, given to him by Wally West, which he uses to house his Impulse costume, and another he uses to store his Kid Flash costume.


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