Deathstroke's Contract is a global briefing introduced in the Lightning Strikes DLC. There are 9 parts than comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"Deathstroke, assassin for hire extraordinaire, has a list of targets he has been contacted to eliminate."

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Deathstroke's Contract: The Flash Edit

  • Location: 1st Flash statue you see, Near leg
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Alpha. Designation - The Flash. This target is an apex speedster - the top of the food chain. Introducing a distraction such as a threat to the public will decrease target's combat reaction time by 18%. Planned hazards such as explosive caltrops or gravity dampening devices will increse this to 27%."

Part 2: Deathstroke's Contract: Black Lightning Edit

DC Universe Online Black
  • Location: Near rapture event, Behind sign
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Bravo. Designation - Black Lightning. Olympic level athlete. Biologically generates electromagnetic fields capable of repelling ballistic assaults. Despite his peak physical condition, a bombardment of projectile attacks will drain his stamina by 46%. substantially reducing his ability to generate and utilize electricity for offensive attacks."

Part 3: Deathstroke's Contract: Cyborg Edit

Deathstroke cyborg
Map deathstoke cyborg
  • Location: Building north of STAR Labs
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Victor. Stone. Designation - Cyborg. With weaponized prosthetics he's got brains and brawn. Challenging his humanity will make him hesitate using his cybernetics, increasing reaction times by 322%, allowing time to deploy EMP charge. Cyberprosthetic system restore allows 4.4 seconds to eliminate organic threat."

Part 4: Deathstroke's Contract: RavenEdit

  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Delta. Designation - Raven. Telekinetic telepath, makes direct attack too risky. Exploit target's self doubt, employ psychological tactics. Proper stimuli should keep her focus inward and increase combat predictability by 42%. Choice of location can elevate this to 73%."

Part 5: Deathstroke's Contract: Donna Troy Edit

  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Echo. Designation - Donna Troy. The Amazon army of one. Super strength, flight and speed. Unlike apex metas, the Amazon's Achilles' heel is a dependency on respiration. A 95% drop in O2 levels will cause blackout to occur in 180 seconds. Releasing nerve agent vapor to block enzymes in the brain will paralyze target and allow time for loss of consciousness."

Part 6: Deathstroke's Contract: Kid Flash Edit

DC Universe Online batman
  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Alpha-two. Designation - Kid Flash. An impulsive speedster with a lot to prove. Sustained pushback from a concussive barrage will aggravate the overeager speedster, resulting in an 88% probability that Kid Flash will attempt to converge within .5 meters. Unprepared for a counterattack, use point blank shotgun blast to unprotected knee."

Part 7: Deathstroke's Contract: Nightwing Edit

  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Romeo. Designation - Nightwing. This target will be extremely prepared for any fight. There is a 90% probability Nightwing's analysis of my own tactics will result in him employing misdirection. Allowing him to 'win' for a time creates over confidence, leading to a 68% probability that he will fail to see a counterstroke already in place."

Part 8: Deathstroke's Contract: Starfire Edit

  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Juliet. Designation - Starfire. Tamaranean physiology provides Meta-level strength and flight but comes with quite the temperament. Relentless taunts will raise frustration levels and decrease precision of Starbolts by 38%. Sudden drop in accuracy will force target to overcommit and resort to ground based melee attacks. A shift to melee attacks will increase my own lethality by 24%."

Part 9: Deathstroke's Contract: Static Edit

  • Location: {{{loc}}}
  • Investigation: Deathstroke: "Target Tango. Designation - Static. This target relies almost completely on his ability to command electricity and magnetism. Martial threat is null. Avoiding electrically 'hot' environments and restricting use of weapons to non-conductive materials will impair his over-all effectiveness by three-fold."

Reward Edit

Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this briefing, players receive a message from Nightwing or [[]], accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Nightwing Subject: Deathstroke's Contract
"Deathstroke is not one to be messed with. It's good you collected this evidence of his hit list. We'll have to warn the Titans to be on the lookout."
Attachment: Cybernetic Eye


Item Edit

This briefing rewards players with the Cybernetic Eye face item.

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