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Floyd Lawton, also known as Deadshot, is a notorious assassin, known as the world's deadliest marksman. He was a military sniper who was dishonorably discharged after taking too many unnecessary risks and concocting impossible shots. He was suspected in connection with several murders and assassinations, all of which involved uniquely complex ballistic scenarios at long range.

Always Boasting to "never miss", Deadshot's primary weapons of choice are two pair of silenced wrist mounted arm guns mounted on each wrist. A targeting scope is integrated into his costume. He began his career as a vigilante in Gotham City, but he later became a highly-priced assassin and mercenary. He has been a core member of the Secret Six and a longtime member of the Suicide Squad.


  • Deadshot currently does not appear in the game.

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  • A character shown in the Deathstroke Denied looks similar to him except for the eyes.


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