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Deadly Mischief is started for tech heroes upon reaching level 13.

Fend off a Joker clown invasion of Gotham's new Special Crimes Unit in the East End.


"I'm going to trust you with a crucial mission. The Joker is launching an all-out attack on the new Special Crimes building in the East End. Most of the police are at the launch celebration tonight at the Regal Hotel, so the station is an open target. You handle the Joker's clowns. I'll track down the Joker." — Batman
"Recently the SCU started applying experimental Exobyte technology to police science. Joker's taken it as a personal challenge. Be on your guard; he'll be on his worst behavior tonight." — Batman
"The SCU are the best of Gotham's police force, which means only half of them are on the take. Don't be surprised if they turn tail when the going gets tough." — Batman
"The SCU uses special containment units to keep the bigger criminals in line. Find one and end this mudfight." — Batman
"You've reached the mainframe where Special Crimes Exobyte data is stored. You don't have much time. Beat back those clowns before the data is destroyed!" — Batman
  • Defend the SCU Station from Joker's Goons
"Finished? Good. The Station was just a ruse - Joker's real target is the SCU launch celebration at the Regal Hotel. I'll meet you there." — Batman