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De-Constructed map

The player marks the location of Trainer Soven Raa.

De-Constructed is a level 21 hero mission given by Trainer Soven Raa. It is a part of the Dying of the Light storyline. It is required for the Power Ring Master feat.

Panicked Recruit training

The shield indicates the Recruit is in training mode.

He is on the ground next a building northeast of LexCorp Tower in the Historic District. Failed Recruits and Panicked Recruits are seen on the rooftop.

Help the panicked Green Lantern Recruits on nearby rooftops.


  • Assist the Panicked Recruits (0/2)


  • Essentially, the player must retrain the recruits as they generate green constructs to fight themselves. While they are not aggressive to the player, the player must attack the constructs or they would soon defeat the recruit. The constructs would be created in waves, with the first wave consisting of one construct, the second two constructs and so on. There are three waves for each recruit.