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Darkseid's War Factory

Darkseid's War Factory is a tier 4 8-player raid in Episode 24 released on May 19, 2016. It also features an elite version.

Darkseid has amassed enough Old World Artifacts to reshape them into a machine that would allow him to access The Source. It will be up to you to head to Apokolips and confront him and his vicious allies before he's able to unleash that divine power onto Earth! Do you think you can beat Darkseid?

Access to the Darkseid's War Factory raid requires a combat rating of 150.

Darkseid's War Factory is part of Episode 24 together with the Harley's Heist duo.


"This hellscape is Apokolips, Darkseid's domain, with danger facing us around every corner. And none of that will prepare you for Darkseid himself. He is the single greatest threat to our world. We may be fools to be here, but we would be greater fools if we left Darkseid unchallenged." — Superman
" " — Lex Luthor

Darkseid and his nefarious plans must be stopped once and for all. He has finally gathered enough Artifacts of the Old Gods to construct to reshape them into a machine that will allow him to access the all-powerful Source. With a direct line to the Source, Darkseid's will could never be stopped. You must get there before he can release that divine power into the universe.


  • Parademon Brute
  • Parademon Maniac
  • ...
  • Demolition Drone
  • Restrictor Drone
  • Shield Drone
  • Field Unit JL-9

The enemy combat rating is 169.





Darkseid's War Factory



Briefings and Investigations[]



  • Droning Off: During the Darkseid's War Factory Raid, defeat the second boss fight without allowing any Demolition Drone to self-destruct. (25 Points)
  • Fire Prevention: During the Darkseid's War Factory Raid, defeat the first boss fight without any Parademons being ignited (25 Points)
  • Lost and Grounded: Defeat the Darkseid's War Factory (Non-Elite) Raid without destroying any Restrictor Drone. (25 Points)
  • Omega 13: During the Darkseid's War Factory (Non-Elite) Raid, defeat Darkseid after group members have fallen to Darkseid's Omega Beams exactly thirteen times. (50 Points), grants title: Keeper of the Fifth World
  • The Trail Not Taken: During the Darkseid's War Factory Operation, defeat the second boss fight without anyone being damaged by a Firepit Energy Trail. (25 Points)
  • Grounded For Life: Defeat the Darkseid's War Factory (Elite) Raid without destroying any Restrictor Drone. (25 Points)
  • Omega and Omega: During the Darkseid's War Factory (Elite) Raid, defeat Darkseid after players have fallen to Darkseid's Omega Beams at least eight times. (50 Points), grants title: Guardian of the Fifth World


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