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Dark Shadows is a level 17 villain mission automatically started upon reaching level 15.

Collect shards of Eclipso's evil black diamond.

Watch out for the STAR Labs personnel stationed on roofs, as well as Doctor Fate.


"Ever heard of Eclipso? His black diamond can turn even the sweetest soul to evil. And now Circe wants to set him free. Felix Faust in the safehouse has more." — Calculator
"The goddess Circe greets you. The master of shadows, Eclipso, is held captive and powerless by the Sentinels of Magic. They think to limit what magic should be. [scoffs] For now, defeat their sad little purifying rituals against the darkness, and collect the shards of the Black Diamond casting the city into shadow." — Circe
  • Destroy purifying nodes to disrupt Sentinel rituals (0/5)
  • Find and gather the shards of the Heart of Darkness diamond (0/10
  • Defeat Sentinels to collect the warded diamond shards they carry (0/25)
"Careful with those black diamonds. I know, Faust gave you a ward, but those things pretty much corrupt everyone they touch. Just saying." — Calculator

Upon completion, Shadow Hearts is automatically started.


  • Cash: 80
  • Selectable Weapon

Selectable Reward[]

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Shardhewn Bow Engraved Bow
Brawling Sharpshard Fighter's Gloves Spiked Fist
Dual Pistol Slim Spellshackled Pistols STAR Labs Pistol
Dual Wield Blades of Shadow Angelic Sword
Hand Blaster Abyssal Blast Gloves Tempest Gauntlets
Martial Arts Ancient Azarathian Claws Twinblade Katar
One-Handed Heartshard Blade Monk Blade
Rifle Warded Hunter's Rifle Flintlock Rifle
Shield Ancient Elemental Guard Crystalline Shield
Staff Light Themysciran Staff Amazon
Two-Handed Heartburst Axe Amazon