Welcome to the To-Do List! As the name suggests, this to-do list encompasses the entire wiki. Here, you can:

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The wiki is a collaborative effort, and everyone can pitch in. However, if you think you can tackle certain tasks on your own, you can "claim" it by signing your name with four tildes (**~~~~) under the task. This will help you to keep track of the task progress. Note that just because a task has been claimed doesn't mean that you can't contribute to it. If anything, this is a list of who best to talk to if you wish to discuss a particular task.

Recurring tasksEdit

  • New episode tasks
    • Add a new page for the new episode and on release link to it from the main page's slider (admins only)
    • Add the new episode to the episodes page
    • Add new collections to the episode page and then to collections page
    • Add new investigations to the episode page and then to investigations page
    • Add new briefings to the episode page and then to briefings page
    • Add new base items to the episode page and then to the base items page
    • Add new episode vendor and then add it to the episode and vendors pages
    • Add new duos and then to the duos page
    • Add new alerts and then to the alerts page
    • Add new raids and then to the raids page
    • Add new 2, 4 and 8 player operations and then to the operations page
    • Add new costume styles and then to the costume style sets page
    • Add new weapon boxes and then to the weapon box page
    • Add a feats page for the episode and also link it to the episode page.
    • Add new titles to the titles page

Add more Article of the Month templates, a new one for each month.

Incomplete tasksEdit


General Wiki-wide tasks:

Task Status Editor
Create pages for Story Arcs
Establish Site policies
Create a Manual of Style
Create a more professional automated welcome
Freshen up the front page
Adding more data about each powers, instead of repeating the in-game description. Data like: base damage and formula used for total damage dealt, special resistances or extra damage quantified in percentage, amount of power restored (% or base value that scales with level/stat?), amount of health restored (idem),etc...

Basically all hidden formulas and stats.

We already have the power cost and power cooldown time depending on the mode the character's in.
We need the names, stats and pictures of the 2.5 PVE armor sets obtainable with Mark of Momentum with the Lightning Strikes dlc. The Mark of Momentum page already list the price of the individual pieces of equipement.
Compare equipment categories to equipment lists. If any items are present on one list but missing from the other, add them. For example, compare the Chest Costume category to the Chest Costume List. If a Chest item is in the cagetory, but not on the costume list, add it, and vise-versa. Ongoing
Need a section added containing information on Gotham Wastelands and all information regarding this new area. What is missing?


General tasks:

Task Status Editor

It seems that though this wiki is growing larger we have a lack of illustrative pictures on many of our major articles. For example the page about The Vault should have a picture at the top of the article. If some people would be willing to collect some pictures for the major articles and put them at the top of those pages that would be great.


Specific tasks:

Task Status Editor
Find images of every weapon styles in the game. List of Bow Styles is complete, 9 more style to go.
Find images of every Armour Styles in the game. 13 styles only have picture for either male or female, 12 styles have picture for neither one, 32 styles are complete.


Task Status Editor
Create Template for Items We have the following templates for items:

all trinket info possible

Do we need any others?

A while ago I have created Template:BaseItem to get hold of some specialities related to base items. The template is derived from Template:Item. Datasentinel (talk) 14:21, September 30, 2013 (UTC)


TheArchivist (talk)