DC Universe Online Wiki

If you create new articles, please try to stick to the existing layouts where applicable.

If you change layouts, please keep in mind that this might involve hundreds of pages with the same layout. Talk to an administrator for possible options.

Reference Pages[]

Most of the following example pages have a relatively fixed layout. You may want to copy the content of those in text editing mode and then fill them with the new content like using a template.

If you are an experienced wiki editor, you can also start with empty templates found on the Category:Templates page.


Images should preferably be in the PNG format, though JPG is fine if you want to upload the whole screen. Images uploaded to the wiki must not be copyrighted.

Screenshots should normally not show the UI, unless the UI is the subject of the screenshot. Also, screenshots should be edited to a reasonable size. It should not be full-screen for a character or item etc.

Icons already available on the wiki usually can be found on the overview pages like e.g. Head Costume List, Bow Weapon List or Base Items. You could also try Category:DCUO Icons.

Personal Character Pages[]

Pages for your DCUO character(s) should always go beneath your own wiki page.

If your user name on this wiki is for example John Doe, your pages about your characters should be named like the following:

  • John Doe/My Flash
  • John Doe/My Joker
  • John Doe/My Earth Tank

You get the idea. You can link to those pages from your main page John Doe.