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Dark Knights

Open World Missions, duo, alert and a raid

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Legion of Doom

Open World Missions, duo, alert and a raid

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House of Legends

New player hub, allies, daily rewards and more...

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World of Flashpoint

Open World Missions, duo, 4-player operation and two raids

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Statuaries - Silver

Statuaries are a unique feature of League Halls that allow Leagues to celebrate their members' accomplishments while fostering friendly competition by creating statues of League members based on their performance in various areas.

Within League Halls are a number of pedestals that can be unlocked with Prestige. Once unlocked, any member with "League Hall Admin" permission may select a material and ranking. Once selected, statues are created of the top three League members based on that ranking, made from that material.


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Did you know?

Mission objectives in the map are marked by icons or colored areas. Check to make sure you are tracking the quest you want directions towards.

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Character Spotlight

Vandal Savage was originally a Cro-Magnon caveman until he was bathed in the radiation of a meteorite and gained increased intelligence and immortality.

A brilliant tactician, Savage has been responsible for some of the most notable moments in mankind's history; leading up to and including advising Adolf Hitler during World War II.





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Generally if a stats listing does not include the Weaponization Rating it cannot be up-to-date.


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