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Dark Knights

Open World Missions, duo, alert and a raid

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Legion of Doom

Open World Missions, duo, alert and a raid

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House of Legends

New player hub, allies, daily rewards and more...

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World of Flashpoint

Open World Missions, duo, 4-player operation and two raids

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Article of the Month

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Affinity Generator Mods are a type of generator mods, which grant Affinity Bonuses.

Affinity Bonuses are character boosts, via stat increases or additional abilities, which will become active when the character meets some set of requirements. The first Affinity Bonuses will come from wearing Episode 16 Elite gear. That gear has this tooltip to let you know it works with Affinity Generator Mods: "Wearing this and other pieces of Elite gear will activate your currently installed Affinity Generator Mods that require Elite gear."


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Did you know?

There are many styles available for cash in the Headquarters. Check out the selection and update your look. Many styles have Feats associated with them.

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Character Spotlight

Gorilla Grodd is a super intelligent gorilla from the advanced metropolis, Gorilla City, in Africa.

Nursing an ambition to rule over the planet as the new dominant species, Grodd uses his advanced telekinetic powers to manipulate, coerce and otherwise strong-arm anyone and anything that could get in the way of furthering his goals.





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