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World of Flashpoint

Open World Missions, duo, 4-player operation and two raids

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Long Live the Legion

Open World Missions, alert and a raid

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Open world missions, challenge, 4-player operation and a raid

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Birds of Prey

Open world missions, challenge, alert and two raids

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Affinity Generator Mods are a type of generator mods, which grant Affinity Bonuses.

Affinity Bonuses are character boosts, via stat increases or additional abilities, which will become active when the character meets some set of requirements. The first Affinity Bonuses will come from wearing Episode 16 Elite gear. That gear has this tooltip to let you know it works with Affinity Generator Mods: "Wearing this and other pieces of Elite gear will activate your currently installed Affinity Generator Mods that require Elite gear."


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Did you know?

There are three wings in each Headquarters: Magic, Meta, and Tech. Each one holds different vendors and conveniences. Learn them all to get the most out of your HQ.

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Character Spotlight

The Parasite was once a janitor working at the Daily Planet until a mishap led to him being mutated into a insatiable monster that has to absorb the life energies of other beings to survive.

After learning about Superman's ability to act as a "living power battery", Parasite began a lifelong pursuit of the hero; believing that his energies would finally sate his insatiable hunger.





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Please note that the gear stats in infoboxes are mostly outdated on this wiki. Most of those were added prior to Game Update 47 and the remainder prior to Game Update 73.

Generally if a stats listing does not include the Weaponization Rating it cannot be up-to-date.


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