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Issue: DC Universe Online Legends #26
Subtitle: End of a Hero!
Date: Late May 2012
Feature Characters: Lex Luthor, Future Lex Luthor, Future Batman
Supporting Characters: Superman, Batman
Villains: Brainiac, Brainiac's Forces
Guest Appearances: Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Supergirl, Animal man, Red Star, Adam Strang, August General in Iron, Conner Hawk, Lynx, Killer Frost, Hawk, Dove, Isis, Geoforce, Guardian, Obsidian,
Other Characters: Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash (Barry Allen), Booster Gold, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Doctor Fate, Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, Power Girl, Black Canary, Captain Atom, Zatanna, Mercy Graves

The battle against Brainiac comes to a peak as Luthor and Future Luthor reveal their plan to create a time paradox and force the time stream to return to the way it was before Brainiac attacked. With Future Batman's help and the Oan power rings to power the teleporter the duo succeed and the world returns to the way it was one year before Brainiac's attack where Future Batman leaves a message for Batman in an attempt to stop the events from occurring again.

"Bruce...this message is real. You know my voice. For once in our life, you have to trust." — Future Batman

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Writers:- Marv Wolfman
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay

Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Rex Lokus

- Fortress of Solitude
- Batcave
- Hoover Dam
- South Africa
- Australia
- China
- Daily Planet Building
- LexCorp Tower
- Power Ring