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Issue: DC Universe Online Legends #22
Subtitle: The War Begins
Date: Late March 2012
Feature Characters: Batman, Lex Luthor
Supporting Characters: Frost, Turtle Man, Bloodhound,
Villains: Brainiac, Brainiac's Forces, Giganta, Black Adam, Deathstroke, Circe, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman
Guest Appearances: Catwoman, Scarecrow, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Zoom, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), Booster Gold, Starfire, Cyborg
Other Characters:

As Brainiac begins massing his army for his final push on Earth, Batman and Luthor infiltrate some of Brainiac's Earth-based headquarters to obtain information on his movements.
Locating his Skull Ship, they amass an army of Earth's remaining heroes, villains and newly empowered heroes and villains in the Batcave and embark on an all out assault on Brainiac's ship in orbit above Earth. However, as Batman and Luthor enter the ship as part of an infiltration team, Brainiac exposses the ship's inside corridors to space.

"Your planet will now die! And you will perish with it!" — Brainiac

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Writers:- Marv Wolfman
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Rex Lokus

- Thanagar
- Wayne Enterprises
- Queen Industries
- Batcave
- Brainiac Skull Ship
- Bottle City