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Issue: DC Universe Online Legends #20
Subtitle: Turn About
Date: Late February 2012
Feature Characters: Batman, Lex Luthor, Future Batman
Supporting Characters: Frost, Turtle Man, Bloodhound, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Atom, Mister Freeze, Breathtaker
Villains: Circe, Giganta, Deathstroke, Black Adam
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Blue Devil, Catwoman, Joann

When Perry White's group of Daily Planet staff-turned-new heroes track and find Lex Luthor, they are overwelmed by Luthor's newly massed Society of Supervillains, however, before the villains could kill them, Future Batman arrives to recruit the villains to stop his present self from commiting mass genocide against the newly released aliens.
As Wonder Woman's group also mass a manhunt to find Batman before he kills the aliens, they are incapacitated one by one by the vigilante until only Future Batman and Lex Luthor's group are left and they, too, fall victim to Batman's countermeasures.

"Inside the dome are hundreds...perhaps thousands of aliens. Not all of them warriors. Some are as innocent as those who died here on Earth. And yet I am about to end their hopes. Their dreams. Their futures. I do so in order to save billions more. Although I know what has to be done, I stand conflicted. It is because I've spent my life fighting those who steal the lives of others. Only now I've become what I've always despised." — Batman

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Writers:- Marv Wolfman
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Rex Lokus

- Metropolis
- Fortress of Solitude