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Issue: DC Universe Online Legends #19
Date: Early February 2012
Feature Characters: Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor
Supporting Characters: Mister Freeze, The Atom, Wonder Girl, Breathtaker, Blue Devil, Cyborg, Doctor Fate, Catwoman, Perry White
Villains: Brainiac's Forces, Joker, Circe, Deathstroke, Black Adam, Giganta
Guest Appearances: Cyborg Batman
Other Characters: Firestorm, New Heroes, New Villains

As Brainiac's alien armies emerge from the bottle cities, Batman and Wonder Woman form a plan to contain them and recruit what new heroes and villains they can to go up against them. Meanwhile, Luthor recruits the members of the Secret Society of Super Villains to create his own army to fight Brainiac.
As Wonder Woman's team begin containing the aliens inside a dome of ice, Batman prepares his own weapon; a toxic gas attack to obliterate the armies as they are contained within.

"Since those days I've learned there is a point in one's life when you consciously make a decision to cross that thin, fragile line you once etched in the sand. And once you do, that becomes a moment you can never take back. But now I have to try." — Cyborg Batman

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Writers:- Marv Wolfman
Artists:- Howard Porter
- Livesay
- Adriana Melo
- Norman Lee
Letterer:- Wes Abbott
Colourist:- Carrie Strachan, Randy Mayor