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The Cult of Trigon, also called the Church of Blood, is a cult that worships Brother Blood and the demon Trigon.


The Church of Blood was born during the crusades in 1202 A.D. with its self-appointed leader, Brother Blood, being the church's chief object of worship. It was believed that Brother Blood was immortal when, in fact, blood has been seven men. It is a mantle that's passed when each Brother Blood is murdered by his son, who then assumes his identity.
Through manipulation, brainwashing and an unnatural charisma, Brother Blood was able to found satellite churches all over the globe. The Church of Blood professed peace and harmony while hiding their plans for world domination. Following an attempt to bring about worldwide revolution, the church was defeated by the Teen Titans. Nearly all the cultists and various leaders were jailed and Brother Blood was delivered to the St. Francis Monastery in Virginia.




  • As a supporting Faction member, Villains can gain trust with the Cult of Trigon through completing certain missions or collecting Bounties and gain access to rare and powerful items and equipment from Cult of Trigon Vendors.
  • Villains can obtain the Cult of Trigon Logo as an Emblem if they have full Trusted renown with the faction.




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  • The church possesses sleeper agents, numbering around one million, positioned across the globe that the church can activate at any given time to enact their various plans.
  • Bethany Snow was a tele-journalist for WUBC News who was also secretly a member of Brother Blood's cult. Snow used her job as a news reporter and her television talk show, "Snow Storm", to offer slanted reports about the Teen Titans and to turn the tide of public opinion against them, making it appear that the Titans were attacking Blood unprovoked. While Blood's church eventually fell and WUBC was exposed as being owned by Blood, Snow has managed to continue her career as a newswoman.


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