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Crystalline Soul Fragments is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis, near quest objectives for the story arc "'Til Death do Us Part: Episode I". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.


Faust's dark magicks have loosened soul fragments from his victims. It may be possible to restore the afflicted, or use these crystals to curry favor from dark mages.


Title Description Image Map
Annihilated Soul Fragment "Intiate field report: Sadly there is not much left of this soul, but hope is never lost"
Ann soul frag loc
Ann soul frag map
Fractured Soul Fragment "Intiate field report: There is still hope for this soul, fractures can be healed"
Fractured soul fragment loc
Fractured soul fragment map
Smoking Soul Fragment "Initiate Field Report: It's still warm to the touch."
Crystalline Soul Fragments SmokingSoul Loc
Crystalline Soul Fragments SmokingSoul
Burned-out Soul Fragment "Initiate Field Report: It will take powerful magic to restore this soul fragment."
3 burned out soul fragment loc
3 burned out soul fragment map
Shattered Soul Fragment "Initiate Field Report: Broken into many tiny fragments, this soul requires extra care."
5 shattered soul fragment loc
5 shattered soul fragment map
Splintered Soul Fragment "Initiate Field Report:The Sentinels of Magic can restore this splinterd soul fragment with naustic thaumaturgy."
6 splintered soul fragment
6 splintered soul fragment map


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Doctor Fate or Felix Faust, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


float:left From: Doctor Fate Subject: Hope to the Hopeless
"I cannot fathom the tortures that these soul fragmented innocents have suffered. By gathering them, you have restored the lives of many. My thanks for your actins in Chinatown."
Attachment: Sunstone Boots


float:left From: Felix Faust Subject: Fuel for the Fire
"Excellent and devilish work in Chinatown! These crystallized essences are more soul fuel for the fire that burns inside of me. You have my gratitude for gathering them...just don't expect much, vermin."
Attachment: Sunstone Boots


Icon Feet 006 Green

This investigation rewards the player with the Sunstone Boots feet costume item (style: Egyptian).