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A player using Cryo-Foam.

Cryo-Foam is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 19.


Blast subzero foam at your enemies, causing damage over time and rooting them in place.

Power Interactions : Inflicts Frostbite on enemies, making them vulnerable to freezing effects.
Burns when used against Electrified enemies.
Electrified enemies take additional damage.
Burning enemies take additional damage.
Frostbitten enemies freeze and become encased, but Burning enemies will not become encased.

Control Role : Reduces the targets ability to heal.


Controller Debuff
Cooldown: 0.5s
Power Cost: 200


Cryo-Foam can be used to set up EMP Pulse, Gauss Grenade, Paralyzing Dart, Suppressor Turret, Sticky Bomb, Taser Pull and Thermite Mine for additional damage.
Gauss Grenade, Taser Pull, Napalm Grenade and Thermite Mine can be used to set up Cryo-Foam for additional damage.
In Control role, Cryo-Foam reduces the target's ability to heal by 25%.
Causes 5 Ticks of damage.